Date: Sunday 7 January 2007
Time:10:57 AM Central

Airline: ExpressJet Airlines DBA Continental Express
Crew: Captain "Happy Hal" Haller - First Officer: "Smiling Jack" Jackson - Flight Attendant: "Betty Boop" Bettendorf

Aircraft: Embraer ERJ-145LR
Cruise Speed: 520 MPH
Propulsion: Two Rolls-Royce - Allison AE3007A1 Turbofan Engines rated at 7426 pounds of thrust each.
Wingspan: 65 Feet - 9 Inches
Passenger Capacity: 50

Flight: CO 2967
Depart: Houston George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) 11:59 AM Central
Arrive: Greensboro Piedmont Triad International (GSO) 3:38 PM Eastern
ETE: 2:29

Leaving For The Flight

Our Passengers leave for the Flight . . .

Hardy Toll Road

Exit from the Hardy Toll Road . . .

Arriving At KIAH

Approach the Airport . . .

Parking Garage

Arrive at the Terminal . . .

Inside The Terminal

Proceed to Continental Express Check-in . . .

Check The Flight Status Board

Check the Flight Departure Time . . .

Baggage Has Been Checked

Check their Bags and Confirm Boarding Passes . . .

Cleared Security

Clear Security . . .

Waiting To Board

Enter Gate B68 and await Boarding Time.

At Houston-Bush Intl Gate B68 Awaiting Boarding Time

Aircraft ready at Gate B68. The Captain and First Officer have completed the Walk Around.

Ground Crew IAH

Ramp Service Supervisor: "We need get a move on 2967 at 68 now folks."
Ramp Service Agent: "Moving the Jet Bridge and Baggage Vehicles into position now Sir."

Jet Bridge Attached To Aircraft With Passenger And Baggage Loading

The Crew has Boarded the Aircraft and Baggage onboard.

Flight Deck Cold And Dark

Captain: "Get the APU and Avionics going Jack."

APU And Avionics

First Officer: "APU running and Avionics on. Control Surfaces check. Set ATIS on 124.050 and Clearance at 118.575."

Automatic Terminal Information Service: "Houston International Information Lima. Weather at 1653 Zulu. Wind 315 at 10. Visibility Unlimited. Ceiling Unlimited. Temperature 14. Dew Point 9. Altimeter 30.05. IFR Approach is ILS or Visual Runways 33 Left and 33 Right. Departures are Runway 33 Right. VFR Aircraft say Direction of Flight. All Aircraft read back Hold Short Instructions. Advise Controller on Initial Contact you have Lima."

First Officer: "Set Altimeter 30.05 and Seat Belts on."
Captain: "Houston Clearance. Jet Link 2967 IFR Clearance to Greensboro."

Houston Clearance

"Jet Link 2967. Houston Clearance. You are Cleared to Greensboro Airport as Filed. Fly Runway Heading. Climb and maintain 9500. Contact Ground on 118.575 when ready to Taxi."

Jet Bridge Extended.  Crew Has Boarded.

Baggage Cart and Belt removed.

Captain: "Cleared to Greensboro. Runway Heading. 9500. Ground on 118.575 when ready. Jet Link 2967."
First Officer: "Set Ground 118.575. 48000 Pounds Gross Hal."

Gate Attendant

Gate Attendant: "Ladies and Gentlemen. Continental Express Flight 2967 with Service to Greensboro ready for Boarding at Gate B68."

Aircraft Ready For Passenger Boarding

Passengers make their way to the Jet Bridge . . .

Jet Bridge

Proceed through to the Aircraft . . .

Passengers Begin Boarding

Begin Boarding . . .

Passengers Have Boarded And Awaiting Departure

All have now Boarded.

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant: "Ladies and Gentlemen. Please secure all loose objects in the Overhead Bins or under your seats and fasten your Seat Belts. Do not remove them until the Captain advises us that it is safe to do so and the Seat Belt Light is out. Our Crew thanks you for flying Continental Express."

Ramp Service Supervisor: "Secure all Doors and man the Tug at 68."
Ramp Service Agent: "Doors secured and Tug ready when they are Boss."

Taxi Request

Ready for Pushback.

Captain: "Cabin ready to go Betty?"
Flight Attendant: "Ready Captain."

Start Sequence

First Officer: "Set Battery on. Exterior Lights on. Landing Lights on. Generators on. Anti-Ice on. Ignitions on. Flaps 9. Pitch Trim 5."
Captain: "Houston Ground. Jet Link 2967 ready for Push with Lima. Taxi to the Active."

Houston Ground

"Jet Link 2967. Houston Ground. Taxi and Hold Short of Runway 33 Right via Taxiway Whiskey Bravo - Whiskey Foxtrot - Whiskey Alpha - Whiskey November. Contact Houston Tower on 118.175 when ready."

Pushback From The Gate.  Engines Starting.  Ready To Taxi.

Tug Pushback from the Gate.

Captain: "Taxi and Hold Short 33 Right using Taxiway Whiskey Bravo - Whiskey Foxtrot - Whiskey Alpha - Whiskey November. Tower 118.175 when ready. Jet Link 2967."
Captain: "Fuel Flow on . . . Left Engine Starting . . . Right Engine Starting."

Houston Ground

"2967. Follow the Chautauqua Embraer just ahead of you."

Begin Taxi To Runway 33R


Captain: "Follow the Embraer. 2967."
First Officer: "APU off."

Continue Taxi

Continuing taxi.

First Officer: "Lots of Traffic today Captain."
Captain: "Nothing new for Mr. Bush."

Holding Short Of Runway 33R

Holding Short of the Runway.

First Officer: "Ah, we beat the long line this time. Set Tower 118.175."
Captain: "Houston Tower. Jet Link 2967 ready at 33 Right."

Houston Tower

"Jet Link 2967. Houston Tower. Taxi into Position and Hold."

Taxi Into Position And Hold

Captain: "Position and Holding. Jet Link 2967."

Houston Tower

"Jet Link 2967. Wind 320 at 11. Altimeter 30.13. Clear for Take-off."

Cleared For Takeoff And Rolling

Captain: "Clear for Take-off. Jet Link 2967."
First Officer: "And rolling. N1 at 95."
Captain: "Right on Jack."

Nose Gear Up And Rotate

First Officer: "VR Sir."
Captain: And Rotate.

Main Gear Up And Airborne

First Officer: "We are away."

Landing Gear Going Up

First Officer: "Positive Rate of Climb and Gear up."

Tower Hand Off To Departure

"Jet Link 2967. Contact Houston Departure on 126.675. So long."

Departing Straight Out At 330 Heading

Departing at Runway Heading of 330.

Captain: "126.675. So long. Jet Link 2967."
First Officer: "Set 126.675 and Flaps 0."
Captain: "Good afternoon Departure. Jet Link 2967 is out of 500 for 9500."

Houston Departure

"Jet Link 2967. Houston Departure. Good afternoon. Radar Contact. Turn Right 085. Climb and Maintain 9500."

Right 085 - Climb 9,500

Captain: "Right 085. 9500. Jet Link 2967."

Climb At 250 Knots

First Officer: "250 Knots Captain."
Captain: "250."

Houston Departure

"Jet Link 2967. Turn Left 055."

Left 055 - Proceed On Course

Captain: "Left 055. Jet Link 2967."

Houston Departure

"Jet Link 2967. Contact Houston Center on 133.4. Good day."

Contact Houston Center

Captain: "Houston Center on 133.4. Good Day. Jet Link 2967."
First Officer: "Set 133.4."
Captain: "Houston Center. Jet Link 2967 is out of 9000 for 9500."

Houston Center

"Jet Link 2967. Houston Center. Roger. Climb and Maintain Flight Level 230."

 Climb FL230

Captain: "Climb and Maintain Flight Level 230. Jet Link 2967."
First Officer: "Set Auto Pilot on. GPS on. NAV on. Altitude 230. Vertical Speed 1800. Speed 270 at 10000. Mach .56 at Flight Level 180."
Captain: "Don't get too far ahead of me Smiley."

Landing Lights Off

First Officer: "10000 and Landing Lights off."

Houston Center

"Jet Link 2967. Climb and Maintain Flight Level 310."

Climb FL230

Captain: "Climb and Maintain Flight Level 310. Jet Link 2967."

Houston Center

"Jet Link 2967. Traffic 12 O'clock. 3 miles. Flight Level 230. Boeing-737."

Other Traffic

Captain: "He's passing off to our right now at about 3 O'clock Center. Jet Link 2967."

Houston Center

"Jet Link 2967. Climb and Maintain Flight Level 330."

Climb FL330

Captain: "Climb and Maintain Flight Level 330. Jet Link 2967."

Cruise Altitude

Captain: "We have made our Altitude Jack. I'm turning this baby over to you."
First Officer: "Thanks a lot. I was about to take my nap."
Captain: "You may have your nap when you park it at the Gate."

Seat Belt Switch

Captain: "Okay Betty, Seat Belt Light going off."
Flight Attendant:"Thank you Captain."
Captain: "Mach .74 Jack. Time to relax a bit."

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant: "Ladies and Gentlemen. You may now Remove your Seat Belts. Feel free to obtain any of the items you secured prior to Take-off. You may leave your seats if needed. Thank you."

Cruise Speed

Captain: "Ladies and Gentlemen. We are now at our Cruising Altitude of 33000 feet with a Ground Speed of 430 Knots. Those of you in seats on the right side of the Aircraft may note Beauregard Regional Airport located in De Ridder Louisiana. We should have clear weather and a smooth flight into Greensboro. Thank you for flying Continental Express."

Houston Center

"Jet Link 2967. Contact Memphis Center on 132.5. So long."

Alexandria LA

Alexandria LA International

First Officer: "Memphis Center on 132.5. So long."
Captain: "Set 132.5."
First Officer: "Memphis Center. Jet Link 2967 with you."

Memphis Center

"Jet Link 2967. Memphis Center. Roger"

Jackson Mississippi Tailwind

Captain: "Ladies and Gentlemen. We have reached Jackson Mississippi and the International Airport can be seen to our right. We have also picked up a pretty good tailwind which has increased our Ground Speed by about 24 Knots and therefore should arrive in Greensboro a bit earlier than first thought. Thank you."

Memphis Center

"Jet Link 2967. Contact Atlanta Center on 132.25. Good day now."

Contact Atlanta Center.jpg - 130494 Bytes

First Officer: "Atlanta Center on 132.25. Good day."
Captain: "Set 132.25."
First Officer: "Atlanta Center. Jet Link 2967 with you at Flight Level 330."

Atlanta Center

"Jet Link 2967. Atlanta Center. Good afternoon Sir."

Birmingham AL

Birmingham AL International Airport

First Officer: "Good old Birmingham."
Captain: "Yeah, we're on the downhill slide now."

Russell Regional Airport RomeGA

Russell Regional Airport
Rome GA

Captain: "Rome Georgia. What was that guys name who played Basketball for Clemson and was from Rome?"
First Officer: "Don't know."
Captain: "You don't know Jack."

Blue Ridge Mountains Brevard NC

Blue Ridge Mountains
Brevard NC

Captain: "They have some great Hiking Trails in the Pisgah National Forest in Brevard."
First Officer: "Yeah, some cold Trails today."

Asheville NC

Asheville Regional Airport
Fletcher NC

Captain: "My Son is a Graduate of UNC Asheville. Degree in Atmospheric Science."
First Officer: "I was going to say that he must be smarter than his Dad."
Captain: "He is and you have just been reduced in Rank."
First Officer: "So now I am a Baggage Handler."

Seat Belt Light On

Captain: "We are coming up on our Initial Descent Betty. Seat Belt Light is on. Please secure the Aircraft. Thank you."

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant: "Ladies and Gentlemen. The Captain advises we will be doing our Initial Descent shortly. Once again please secure all loose objects in the Overhead Bins or under your seats and fasten your Seat Belts. Do not remove them until we are parked at the Gate and the Engines are stopped. Thank you."

Atlanta Center

"Jet Link 2967. Descend and Maintain Flight Level 230."

Descend FL230

First Officer: "Descend and Maintain Flight Level 230. Jet Link 2967."
Captain: "Set Altitude 230. Vertical Speed 2000. Mach off. Speed 270."

Atlanta Center

"Jet Link 2967. You are 85 Miles West. Turn Left 045. Descend and Maintain 11000. Expect Vectors ILS Runway 5 Aproach. Contact Greensboro Approach on 118.5. Good day now."

Descend 11000 Vectors

First Officer: "Left 045. Descend and Maintain 11000. Vectors ILS Runway 5. Greensboro Approach on 118.5. Good day Sir."
Captain: "Set 118.5. GPS off. NAV off. Heading on. Altitude 11000. NAV 1 ILS 5 111.9."
First Officer: "Greensboro Approach. Jet Link 2967 is out of Flight Level 180 for 11000."

Greensboro Approach

"Jet Link 2967. Greensboro Approach. Descend and Maintain 3000. Altimeter 30.06."

Descend 3000

First Officer: "Descend and Maintain 3000. 30.06. Jet Link 2967."
Captain: "Set 30.06."

10000 Landing Lights On

Captain: "10000 and Landing Lights on. Speed 250."

Greensboro Approach

"Jet Link 2967. Turn Right 140 for your Base Leg."

GSO Approach Turn To Base 140

First Officer: "Right 140. Jet Link 2967."
Captain: "Set 140."

Greensboro Approach

"Jet Link 2967. Reduce Speed to 160 for Spacing. You are 20 Miles Southwest. Turn Left 085. Descend and Maintain 2800. Cleared ILS Runway 5 Approach. Maintain 2800 until Established on the Localizer. Contact Greensboro Tower on 119.1."

First Officer: "160. Left 085. 2800. ILS Runway 5. 2800 until Established. Tower 119.1. Jet Link 2967."
Captain: "Set 119.1. Set 085. 2800. Flaps 9 180 . . . 22 170 . . . 160. Approach on."

Left 080 Descend 2800 Speed 160 Flaps 22 Establish Localizer

First Officer: "Greensboro Tower. Jet Link 2967 is 18 Miles Southwest Inbound ILS Runway 5."

Greensboro Tower

"Jet Link 2967. Make Straight In Runway 5. Altimeter 30.06."

Intercepting Localizer

First Officer: "Straight In Runway 5. 30.06. Jet Link 2967"
Captain: "Set 30.06."
First Officer: "Localizer Intercept."

Gear Going Down

Captain: "On the Glide Slope and Gear going Down."

Greensboro Tower

"Jet Link 2967. Wind 090 at 10. Altimeter 30.06. Cleared to Land."

Cleared To Land

First Officer: "30.06. Cleared to Land. Jet Link 2967."

Gear Down Flaps 45

Captain: "Set Flaps 45. Speed 135."

On The Numbers

Captain: "Set Auto Pilot off. Speed off. Approach off."

10 Feet From Touchdown

Captain: "10 Feet."

Main Gear Down

Captain: "Mains Down."

Nose Gear Down Spoilers Extended

Captain: "Nose Down. Spoilers Extended."

No Reversers Needed And Brakes Applied

Captain: "No Reversers. Brake."

Greensboro Tower

"Jet Link 2967. Exit Runway Kilo 2. Contact Ground 121.9"

Exit Runway

First Officer: "121.9. Jet Link 2967."
Captain: "Set 121.9. Good job Jack. Right on the money."
First Officer: "Thank you Sir."

Flaps 0 Spoilers Retract

First Officer: "Greensboro Ground. Jet Link 2967 Taxi to the Gate."
Captain: "Flaps 0. Spoilers Retract."

Greensboro Ground

"Jet Link 2967. Taxi to Gate 42 using Taxiway Kilo 2 Juliet 2."

Request Taxi Gate

First Officer: "Taxi to Gate 42. Kilo 2 Juliet 2. Jet Link 2967."

Taxies To Gate

Captain: "Nap time now Jack."
First Officer: "I need one since you made me do all of the work."
Captain: "You know landings are the easy part."

Turning To Gate

First Officer: "Gate 42. We have arrived."

APU Run And Shutdown

Captain: "Set and leave APU on since this bird has a trip to Newark in about an hour. Fuel Flow off. Left Engine Shutdown. Right Engine Shutdown. Avionics off. Battery off. Exterior Lights off. Landing Lights off. Generators off. Anti-Ice off. Ignitions off. Seat Belt Light off."

At Gate

Captain: "All souls safe and sound. The Cabin is all yours Betty. Thank you for a great trip."
Flight Attendant: "Thank you Hal and Jack for a smooth flight."

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant: "Ladies and Gentlemen. You may now remove your Seat Belts and all items from the Overhead Bins or under your seats. We will begin to exit the Aircraft momentarily. Thank you for flying Continental Express and we hope you will choose us again."

Ground Crew Greensboro

Ramp Service Supervisor: "Gate 42 now. Get the Jet Bridge and Baggage. We don't have a lot of time."
Ramp Service Agent: "No problem. Got you covered."

Unloading Baggage

Offloading Baggage.

Captain: "I am out of here Betty."
Flight Attendant: "You guys have a great day. Hope to see you again."
First Officer: "I need a pilow to lay my head on."
Captain: "Hope we get paired up again soon. Adios Amigo."

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant: "Ladies and Gentlemen. You may now exit the Aircraft."

Passengers Ready to Deplane

All Passengers begin Deplaning . . .

All Passengers Have Entered The Jet Bridge

And have entered the Jet Bridge . . .

Jet Bridge

Proceeded through to the Terminal . . .

Greensboro Baggage Carousel_GSO

Secured their Baggage . . .

Greensboro Terminal

Exiting the Terminal . . .

Bryan Boulevard Leaving Airport

Leaving main entrance for the Piedmont Triad International Airport on North Carolina Highway 68 for our home in Salem Virginia. The construction makes room for the Airport's new FedEx Hub and third Runway. Flyover ramps for the Airport's entrances and exits are still under construction. We are in the oncoming traffic and will make a right turn on Highway 68 and U.S. 220.

Bryan Boulevard And U.S. 220

Heading North on Highway 68 and U.S. 220 in the oncoming traffic.

Nothbound On U.S. 220

Northbound on U.S. 220. We make a left turn here for Salem.

Salem Virginia

We are home! Wow! What a trip!
Thank you for flying with us.

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